Devotees donate doors to Bhagandeshwara temple

Devotees donate doors to Bhagandeshwara temple

The doors donated to Bhagandeshwara temple in Bhagamandala.

The historic Bhagandeshwara temple of Bhagamandala received new intricately crafted doors worth over Rs 10 lakh.

The doors were donated by Mandira Devi Poonaccha, a resident of Madikeri, in memory of his parents.

The door was handed over to the administrative committee by the devotee on Monday, in a traditional manner.

The doors will be installed and inaugurated in the near future.

The Bhagandeshwara temple was in need of revival and the devotees have been offering various items. Two doors, each of 16 feet in height will be installed in the front and rear portions of the temple.

Dhananjaya Achari and team from Kukke Subrahmanya, has worked towards the door, for the last six months. The images of Gods, Goddesses and sages are engraved on the doors.

Temple committee executive officer Jagadish was present among others.