‘Communal party should not come to power in state’

‘Communal party should not come to power in state’

Actor Prakash Rai.

Actor Prakash Raj said, “If the JD(S) leaders who claim themselves as secular join hands with the BJP in the election, then it would amount to betrayal of the trust of the people in the state.”

Speaking at an interaction “Just asking” organised at Press Club on Sunday, he said, “JD(S) should be committed to their stand on secularism even after the poll results are announced. If they fail to act as per the promise, then people will teach them a lesson. A communal party should not come to power in the state.”

“In case if the BJP comes to power, then I will intensify my protest. The party that has retained the principles of secularism should come to the power,” he said.

“Even when BJP leaders acted against the democracy and spoke on changing the constitution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained silent. The promises made before the election have not been fulfilled. The dictatorship attitude of Modi is not a good development,” he said while replying to a query.

“Modi had promised of generating two crore employment during the previous election, along with check on black money. Instead, 15% GST was imposed on handloom products. Is this development?” he asked.

Raj said, “MP Prathap Simha who levels allegations on personal issues is a ‘dirty minded person’. Instead of discussing the issues, I have been projected as an anti-Hindu. I have a fear that they will do anything opposing my stand on issues.”

Stating that communal politics is haunting India, Prakash Raj said, “I am not against anyone. I condemn all those who act against democracy. The murder of journalist Gowri Lankesh had haunted me for long. A few had celebrated her death. When I asked Prime Minister Modi to correct them, I was branded as anti-Modi. As a citizen, I had questioned Modi.”

“I do not like politics. I do not dream of becoming an MLA or MP. I just wish to do good for the society. Development is not possible if the people fail to question,” Raj said.

“Power is nobody’s property. With the tax-payers’ money, the elected representatives are administering. Modi has been stating that he will ensure there will be no opposition. The opposition party is essential in a democratic set up. The attitude of Modi is harmful to democracy,” he added.

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