Devotees keep up tradition, participate in Khandige fair

Devotees keep up tradition, participate in Khandige fair

A large number of devotees participated in the traditional fish catch held as part of Khandige fair near Haleyangady in Mulki on Monday. 

The fair, traditionally known as ‘Ermal Jappu-Khandevy Adepu’, marks the culmination of ‘Khandevu Nemotsava’ of Dharmarasu Kshethra in Chelaru.

As part of the tradition, after the special prayers, prasadam is offered at Chelaru bridge during the sunrise by Aditya Mukkaldi, Dharmadarshi of Dharmarasu Kshethra, to flag off the fish catching ceremony. 

Devotees with nets engage themselves in fishing. A few, along with their family members, catch the fish and take it home. Another group catch the fish and sell it on the banks of the river.  

A large number of people lined up to purchase the fish. 

Praveen and Hemachandra from Sasihithlu who caught the fish said, “We have been coming here to catch fish for the last 25 years. With a rise in the water-level, we did not get the expected quantity of fish.” 

Varieties of fish

People caught a variety of fishes such as ‘Kolaitharu’, ‘Payya’, ‘Mala’, ‘Kevaje’, ‘Mugudu’, crab, ‘Kane’, ‘Sudetha Nang’, ‘Mudai’, ‘Thede’ and ‘Mulitharu’.

As indigenous fish are available, they are healthy. The fish is also a tradition of Tulunadu, said Adithya Mukkaldi.