Farmers in distress as green chilly price falls

Farmers in distress as green chilly price falls

Farmers in Shanivarasanthe are disappointed as the price of green chillies has dropped to Rs 10 per kg.

Seven loads of green chilly had arrived for sale at the Shanivarasanthe shandy market, on Friday. But the price fell drastically and a bag of 25 kg green chilly fetched a meagre of Rs 250.

The retail vendors were seen purchasing the chilly and carrying it to Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chitradurga, Shivamogga and other places.

Farmers K M Chandrashekhar and B M Prakash from Kajur and Bilaha villages said that the demand dropped against the huge supply.

Lower price

“The green chilly yield is good this year. But as it is a perishable commodity, it has to be sold as soon as possible. We, the farmers are forced to sell it at a lower price as we cannot transport it back home. We have already incurred a lot of expenses in terms of labour and transport costs. The invested amount itself has not been recovered; forget about the profit,” they said.

The labour costs have increased too. The people, who pluck the chillies, have to be paid at Rs 300 on an average, per head per day. Also, manure has become dearer. The efforts of the farmers are not repaid, they added.

Another farmer Chandranna from Kajur village said the farmers depend on the revenue generated by the sale of green chillies in a specific season. The crop is grown till June-end.