Farmers worried as mango prices dip

Farmers worried as mango prices dip

The sweetness of mango has turned sour for the farmers with the sudden slash in the price of mangoes.

Mango is cultivated on 700 hectares of land in Tarikere taluk and the yield is 20,000 tonnes.

Mango cultivation had empowered the farmers financially in the recent past.

However, with the decline in the yield, farmers had incurred losses in the last three to four years. Now, the sudden slash in the price of mango has made the growers a worried lot.

Varieties of mango like Totapuri, Raspuri, Neelam, Badami, Rajpuri, Mulgoba are grown in the taluk and are sent to markets in Maharashtra, Poona, Gujarat, Aurangabad and other areas.

Every year, the mangoes enter the market in the month of May. However, the pre-monsoon showers affected the plucking of mango this year.

When the mangoes were ready for the market, the Nipah virus created fear among the merchants. As a result, traders failed to purchase mango, resulting in slash in the price, said Alphonso mango grower R Devanand.

Further, torrential rain in the last two weeks has affected the harvest. As a result of which, worms have affected the mangoes.

Mangoes have started decaying in the tree. The mangoes are sold for Rs 7 to Rs 8 per kg.

Though farmers cultivate mango, it is the leasee who carried out the business.

A large number of leasee depend on mango yield for their living. Now, the slash in the price of mango has left them in the lurch.

Ajeej John Razvi said, “The government should purchase mango through Hopcoms and come to the rescue of the leasee.”