Fear of vector-borne diseases looms large in Tarikere

Fear of vector-borne diseases looms large in Tarikere

Citizens, who have drunk water supplied by Tarikere Municipal Corporation, have developed diseases and they have urged the district administration to take measure to prevent the spread of the diseases immediately.

People in the region, including children, have developed vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing problems. Several patients have been admitted to hospitals. As the flow of water in Bhadra river has receded from May 10, the water is stored in Manasikere and is supplied to the town.

Taluk Health Officer Dr Ankappa said it has come to light that the water is not chlorinated before supply.

Paediatrician Dr Manjunath said ten to twenty children are being treated for dehydration daily. Parents are apprehensive about the health of their children, he added.

The samples of water from Thyagarajanagar and Pumphouse have been subjected to examination. The taluk health office has sent the report to the municipal corporation and higher officials.

Meanwhile, the people have vented their ire against the municipal corporation which is supplying impure water.

The directions given by the Health Department are not followed by the corporation, charged the people.

Mosquito larvae are found in many areas in the town. Five percent of the houses in the town have been found with breeding grounds of mosquitoes, they alleged.

Dr Ankappa has urged the citizens to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.