Fearing defeat, BJP is showing signs of frustration, says Ramanath Rai

Fearing defeat, BJP is showing signs of frustration, says Ramanath Rai

District-in-Charge Minister B Ramanath Rai, who is also the Congress candidate from Bantwal constituency, said that the BJP is frustrated and is fearing defeat in the election.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, he accused the BJP of engaging in negative publicity while seeking votes for the upcoming Assembly elections. “Opposition is not seeking votes on the basis of development. Instead, they are depending on baseless allegations and negative publicity to garner votes. The Congress has the strength of development works to seek votes. The BJP has no issues to raise. The BJP leaders are not even speaking about development,” he rued.

The BJP leaders are not even speaking about the development works that will be taken up in the future. Along with the development works, the Congress MLAs of the district have implemented social welfare programmes effectively. In a democracy, the manifesto is prepared for the voters to evaluate and assess the work of a candidate.

The political parties with a communal mindset do not wish development. They never speak about the burning issues in the district. All the Congress MLAs have taken up development works in the district. The voters will assess the work while exercising franchise, he said.

Rai said: “The Opposition is publicising that Ramanath Rai had reportedly said that he does not want Hindu votes. I have never made such a statement. Those who make such statements are not normal. I see people as human beings rather than look into their caste and religion.”

He said, “The BJP leaders are raising issues of atrocities on women, children, and Dalits. It is better if they tell which states have recorded such incidents, and which party was in power in that state. The BJP is engaged in politics by bringing in names of other religion in atrocity cases,” he alleged.

Minister Ramanath Rai said that he is not behind SDPI candidates withdrawing their nominations. “The decision is left for their party. How can I answer that? There is no direct and indirect understanding with the SDPI,” he stated.