FIRA chief questions Kamath over Baliga murder

FIRA chief questions Kamath over Baliga murder

Narendra Nayak

Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) president Prof Narendra Nayak has written an open letter to the BJP Mangaluru South candidate Vedavyas Kamath, where the former has posed questions regarding the latter’s alleged involvement in the RTI activist Vinayak Baliga murder case.

The letter stated that Kamath is a close associate of Naresh Shenoy, who is a suspect in the murder case. Baliga was a BJP member and a booth-level worker. But, Kamath did not voice any protest against the murder, despite being the president of the BJP South unit.

“Leaving that aside, during the time your friend and supporter Naresh Shenoy was absconding from the police for nearly three months, it was noticed by many that you too were out of reach and doubts were expressed about your whereabouts,” the letter stated.

“At that time, an advertisement appeared in a newspaper dated June 8 last year about ‘Foreign tour,’ of course without mentioning any dates of travel, but naming the destinations as Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore”.

Prof Nayak has sought to know during which period Kamath had been on a foreign tour and also the identity of Mohammad Al Kumari, who published the advertisement in the newspaper.