II PU textbooks full of errors; lecturers, students confused

II PU textbooks full of errors; lecturers, students confused

The second PU classes have begun with confusions. Students and lecturers in Chikkamagaluru are perplexed after they have come across lot of errors in the second PU NCERT Economics text books in both Kannada and English medium.

Lot of differences are spotted between the Kannada and English-medium textbooks of Economics, in terms of the number of chapters and content. The topics are not in accordance with the prescribed syllabus. Therefore, there is an ambiguity among teachers on which chapters should be taught to students.

The lecturers have discovered that several chapters that have been included in the Kannada-medium textbook of Economics are missing in the English version of the same subject. Also, several topics mentioned in English
textbooks are missing in the Kannada version.

In addition, this time, ‘Introductory Microeconomics’ and ‘Introductory Macroeconomics’ topics have been introduced for II PU students.

Revised syllabus bypassed

A lecturer in Economics said that the new textbooks have not been designed as per the revised syllabus of the NCERT. Apart from the omission of chapters and topics, there are several misprints in the textbooks of both the languages.

A second PU student said that the mistakes have taken place due to the negligence of the PU Education Department.

As a result, teachers too are confused whether to teach what exists in the textbook or wait for the department to clear the air, he said and added that the errors should be rectified as soon as possible, so that the confusions are cleared at the earliest.