Inordinate delay in road work hinders traffic movement

Inordinate delay in road work hinders traffic movement

Work on accident zone being carried out near Devasya in Puttur.

Work is underway in the Kunjurupanja area stretch of the Subrahmanya-Manjeshwara state highway and thousands of vehicles are forced to take a longer route.

The work was sanctioned during the tenure of MLA Shakuntala Shetty and Rs 4.80 crore was released. Along with the government land, 18 cents of private land were acquired to carry out the work, which is being monitored by Planning and Road Asset Management Centre (PRAMC).

The work, which was started five months ago and expected to be complete by June, was not completed on time. The work on the accident zone is going on near Devasya in a stretch of 100 metre. The uneven terrains are levelled and protective walls are being built on both the sides along with the work on stormwater drains.

Work in rain

As the work is going on amidst rains, the entire road has turned slushy, making it impossible for the vehicle users to drive on the road. The buses plying on the route have cut their trips. Buses bound to Bulerikatte are now reaching Puttur via the narrow road of Balnadu - Ujurupade. Private buses going towards Panaje have been moving through Santyar.

The work at Kunjuru-Panja area is especially hit by an inordinate delay.

The taluk administration or the Public Work Department has not given any information to people on the inconvenience of using the stretch. The Department has not officially diverted the traffic or deployed any police. Landslide is feared to take place near the place of the work.

No follow up

Nagesh of Chennarayapattana has availed of the contract for the work.

The contractor is carrying out the work as per his whims and fancies as the Department is not following up the work. The PWD officials have no control over the contractor. The public has questioned the relevance of taking up the work during the rainy season.

PWD Assistant Engineer Pramod claimed that there is no flaw in the work. The road has been levelled, along with building a 7-foot high protective wall. Concrete slabs have been laid on the stormwater channel. The inconvenience was cause due to the early arrival of monsoon, he added.

Complaint to AC

A lecturer has submitted a complaint to Assistant Commissioner H K Krishnamurthy, on the inconvenience caused to the people because of the flawed work.

As a result, steps have been taken by the concerned officials. The PWD has woken up and has now been clearing the mud on the road, with the help of earthmovers.

“Facility has been made for the movement of vehicles by spreading 20 loads of gravel stones on the road. The remaining work will be continued after the rainy season,” Pramod said.