Literature should uphold religious harmony, says Hampana

Literature should uphold religious harmony, says Hampana

Hampa Nagarajaiah was conferred Sediyapu Krishna Bhat award in Udupi on Friday.

Writer Dr Hampa Nagarajaiah (Hampana) said that diversity is embedded in the soil of the country and the land should be a peaceful abode for all ethnicity.

He was speaking after receiving the Sediyapu Krishna Bhat Award in a ceremony organised by the Rastrakavi Govind Pai Research Centre and Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

The veteran writer said that harmony should be the purpose of bringing the country under one umbrella. It should be above the beliefs of all religions.

Literature should be take the responsibility of bonding people, simultaneously upholding religious harmony. The country should be a land inbreeding various religions, castes and sects.

Stressing on the need to stop the use of loudspeakers in places of worship, he said, “Everyone should be permitted to offer prayer as per the religion, however, there is no need to use loudspeakers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should seriously consider banning the use of loud speakers in places of worship. All of us have a right to love the religion and pray. Let us not express our love through loudspeakers.”


Hampana also stated that public holidays have increased in the country and this is hampering development.

“We have a system of issuing public holidays which no developed country follows. Is it right to declare holiday based on a caste in a secular country? The whole country should unitedly celebrate Independence Day, which should be a public holiday. Instead of declaring
holiday for ‘Jayantis,’ it is better to allow people to take leave based on the requirement of a month,” he suggested.

He added that he was inspired by the support given to him by senior writer Sediyapu and dedicated his contribution to the veteran writer.

Senior writer Erya Lakshminarayana Alva lauded the contributions of Hampana in the field of literature.

‘Worked for Kannada’

Delivering a felicitation talk, writer Thalthaje Vasanth Kumar said that Hampana worked for the betterment of the Kannada literature.

Senior scientist K P Rao elaborated over the simple forms of works of Sediyapu, who used his literary works to reach people.