Modernising stormwater drains is need of hour, says DC

Modernising stormwater drains is need of hour, says DC

Deputy Commissioner Sasikanth Senthil said that an interim report on the encroachment of rajakaluve (main stormwater drains)  has been submitted to the district administration by a committee.

The committee is headed by MUDA Commissioner and it has sought time to conduct a detailed survey on the encroachments.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, he said the encroachment that was obvious is being cleared, in the Mangaluru City Corporation jurisdiction.

The committee has also sought a few more surveyors to conduct the survey, which will be provided to them.

The encroachments will be identified within two weeks, with the submission of a detailed report by the committee, said the Deputy commissioner. He added that a few structures have come up on the cross drains in the city.

The stormwater drain near Fr Muller hospital gate (near Pumpwell) which joins Nethravathi at Jeppinamogaru, has a few unscientific cross drains in its route, thus hampering the easy flow of water.

‘Readjust system’

“We have to readjust our system to the unique combination of high tide and also heavy rain. The focus will be to modernise stormwater drains in Mangaluru. From Kottara Chowki, the stormwater drains that join Gurpura needs to be re-assessed,” he said.

The Deputy commissioner said that satellite image of Mangaluru is being procured. The image is being superimposed to identify encroachments. The 10-year-old satellite image is being matched with the present image to know the encroachments.

After clearing the encroachments, proper storm drain proposal will be prepared.

NITK-Surathkal has done a few works on the artificial flooding in Mangaluru and their service will also be utilised.