‘Savior’ wins 11th intl design award in LA

‘Savior’ wins 11th intl design award in LA

‘Savior,’ a mobile app developed by Codecraft Technologies here, which networks hospitals (to call an ambulance during medical emergencies), has won silver in the Design for Society Category at the 11th International Design Award held in Los Angeles.

According to a press release, there were 3,200 entries from 95 countries. This is the second design award since the launch in September 2017. ‘Savior’ had also won India’s Best Design Project Award last year.

New venture

Stating that, till date, ‘Savior’ has addressed more than 2,000 people with their health awareness programs and have trained more than 100 first responders (volunteers) with Pre-Hospital Care Skills in-and-around Mangaluru with help of Network Hospitals, CodeCraft Technologies Founder-CEO Dikshith Rai said, “Today, if one requests an ambulance in Mangaluru using the Savior App, nearby first responders will also get notified. We want to now conduct these programs at a larger scale, and make sure we train many more people,” and added that one need not be a doctor or from the medical fraternity to learn the skills.

Incidentally, ‘Savior’ has been given a Blood Donor Matching feature. This will send a notification to all matching donors within 10 km radius. For example, if one requests for a B+ group blood, the request goes to everyone who could possibly be a donor, and within 10 km radius. “You can also see the details of the nearby blood bank and call them directly,” said Rai.

5 key components

Mobile app – Using the app, getting an ambulance is as easy as booking a cab. There are no payments involved while booking. It is available for both Android and iPhones. The app runs even in the absence of a 3G/4G network.

First Responders – Anyone can become a Savior First Responder. These trained volunteers will be informed when someone nearby requests an ambulance. The volunteer can reach the person and help, until the ambulance arrives.

Free Pre Hospital Care Workshops – Volunteers for the First Responder program, will first receive free training at one of the Pre Hospital Care workshops. These workshops are conducted in collaboration with renowned hospitals and doctors. The knowledge gained at the workshop will help the participant to be well prepared to handle emergency situations.

Network hospitals – These are the hospitals whose ambulances are available on the Savior app. As more hospitals are added, the efficiency and coverage of Savior will keep improving. Savior currently has 13 network hospitals in Mangaluru, Moodbidri and Surathkal.

Blood donation – Someone in urgent need of blood can use the app to request for blood. The app will put them in direct touch with matching donors.

The main goal of Savior, comprising doctors, software engineers and product designers, is to spread awareness about criticality of knowing what to do during emergencies and create a strong and trained first responder network.