Slope protection wall at Ottinene partially caves in

Slope protection wall at Ottinene partially caves in

The slope protection wall at Ottinene caved in following the heavy rain.

Heavy rains in the last few days have damaged slope protection wall built to prevent caving in of hillock on Baindoor-Shiroor stretch.

The concrete wall has been opened up from the bottom indicating a possibility of caving in of the hillock.

The contractor IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd (IRBIDL) had initiated the work on slope protection wall to prevent any eventualities during the monsoon.

The hillock has been converted into the slope and a layer of concrete has been used against the slope. The rods and mesh have also been used on the hillock to prevent it from sliding. The protection wall was constructed on a limited stretch.

Part of the western side and eastern side have not been covered with the slope protection wall. The soft soil gets mixed with water that flows from the hillock. 

A vehicle driver Krishna Devadiga said: “If the soil continues to cave in, then it will affect the movement of vehicles.”

IRBIDL Project Manager Yogendrappa said: “Labours and machinery are in place in case of any eventuality.”

He added:“The collapse of the protection wall from the bottom will not harm the project. Sandbags have been placed to check further caving in. In addition, an Australia-based grass is being grown on the hillock. It has the ability to withstand unfavourable conditions and prevents erosion of the soil.”

Rain wreaks havoc 

The district has received an average of 72 mm rain in the last 24 hours. Kundapur received 87.1 mm, Karkala received 66.3 mm and Udupi taluk received 62.6 mm rainfall.

Baikadi, Haradi, Arooru, Belmaru and Kota received heavy rain. More than 10 houses were damaged due to heavy rain and gusty winds in the district.

Several trees were uprooted and fell on houses damaging walls and roofs. In Udupi, a house belonging to Sundari was damaged when the tree fell on it.

In Karkala, the wall of the Vishnumurthy temple was damaged.

In Nadsalu village, the house of Sundari Acharthy was partially damaged.

The house belonging to Kusu poojarthy in Aroor village was damaged. Power supply has been disrupted Brahmavar region for the last two days.