‘Drop Iggutappa temple from tourist destination list’

‘Drop Iggutappa temple from tourist destination list’

“Sri Iggutappa temple of Kakkabepadi should be dropped from the list of tourist destinations and should be considered as a religious place,” Temple Devotees’ Association president K Joyappa urged on Thursday.

He told reporters in Madikeri that the sanctity of temples should be protected. They should not be considered as tourist spots.

He also expressed his discomfiture on the move of the administration of adding religious shrines in the list of tourist destinations.

Joyappa said that every temple has its own code of conduct to follow. Those who visit the temple are required to bathe and wear clean, traditional clothes. Also, they should consume vegetarian food before visiting the temple.

But, some tourists staying in resorts and homestays have been visiting the temple after consuming meat and are seen wearing modern clothes. The flamboyant attitude of such tourists has hurt the sentiments of devotees, he added.

He meanwhile urged the district administration to initiate action against visitors who violate the code of conduct of religious shrines.

Association vice president Pardanda Dali said that a major part of the 700 acre land of Iggutappa temple has been encroached upon. The same has been brought to the notice of the district administration. The administration should conduct a survey to save the temple’s property, he added.

Association secretary Lalitha, office bearers Dali Mandanna, P Naresh and Nandakumar were present during the press meet.