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Last Updated : 20 February 2020, 00:30 IST
Last Updated : 20 February 2020, 00:30 IST

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Dear Sir,

I have completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering and have a work experience of six months. I am interested in pursuing MBA in Operations. But I am not aware of the job opportunities in this domain. Also, will my work experience be considered?

Ranjith Gowda

Dear Ranjith,

It may be too early for you to take up an MBA, particularly since you are not aware of the opportunities in different domains. Keep working and learning on the job, ask your colleagues and seniors the different areas of management that will suit you, get some practical exposure to those fields.

If possible, take up a short-term on-line or part-time course to enhance your knowledge. Then you will be clear about your long-term career goals and can decide whether you would like to take up an MBA in Operations or any other field. If you consider carefully and select based on your own abilities, you will not have to worry about job opportunities or progress.

Dear Sir,

I am an Environmental Engineer and I passed out in 2009 with an aggregate score of 74%. I have been working in the environmental field. I want to pursue MTech or integrated PhD in the same field. Is there any university offering part-time courses in India or abroad? I won’t be able to leave my job as I have certain commitments and because job opportunities in this field are less.
But since I don’t have a master’s degree, I am currently struggling to move up in the industry. Please guide me.


Dear Tejaswi,

Though you may be facing challenges since you have taken up an unusual career, it is commendable that you have chosen a field that is very meaningful and of great value to humankind. Also, since awareness and demand is steadily growing, you will find better opportunities in the years to come, and will be a pioneer in your specialisation.

You may approach any of the progressive universities that encourage research in such fields. You may apply for MTech or MPhil or integrated PhD and ask for scholarship. Such universities also offer research associate-ship with reasonable honorarium. If you have done good work in the past 10 years and have acquired necessary skills, you can try for entry into universities such as Ashoka, BITS Pilani, Jindal, Azim Premji, FRLHT, National Institute of Advanced Studies, National Centre for Biological Sciences etc.

Dear Sir,

My son is doing BBA and is currently in the 4th semester. He was unable to attend his college for the last two months because of health problems. He hopes to complete his graduation through correspondence course but the university will not recognise the three semesters that he has completed. We don’t want him to lose one-and-a-half years of his studies. Please suggest other options.

Ajay A

Dear Ajay,

It is sad that he has lost valuable time due to illness, but if he is a good student and has the determination to succeed, he can catch up and make a good future for himself. He will probably be working for 50 years in his chosen field, so loss of a year or so will not make a difference in the long run.

He may consider spending the free time acquiring skills through short-term courses or internship, which will be very valuable once he completes his degree, and join back next year to complete his course in the same university. Alternatively, he can take up a job to acquire practical skills and experience, and apply for BBA afresh in IGNOU or any other open university. Though he will graduate only in 2023, his work experience will give him a head start over the other fresh graduates.

Dear Sir,

I am currently studying in Class 9. I love learning new things but I am not sure of what I want to pursue after my Class 10. But when my parents tell me that having a goal is necessary, I start feeling pretty useless and feel lost. I don’t want to limit myself and it is really difficult to decide on one goal. Please guide me on the different options available.


Dear Vibha,

It is nice that you are giving a serious thought to your career at an early stage. This way you can ensure that you can select systematically and thoroughly, and will not regret your final decision. Do not limit yourself right now as it is not necessary to have only one goal at this point. List out all the possible careers you find attractive, and start exploring each one of them by gathering information, speaking to knowledgeable people and checking out the skills required to succeed.

Match your own traits to the needs of each of these careers. Keep eliminating those that you do not find very suitable, and keep adding more as you come across new careers. You should be knowledgeable enough by the time you complete Class 10 to take a conscious decision about what optional subjects to take for +2, and then you have-two more years to finalise your long-term goal and thus take up the right degree course.

Published 20 February 2020, 00:30 IST

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