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Education plays an integral role in shaping an individual’s career and future. And in the current scenario, the expanding job market has placed immense pressure on students to take up higher learning to have better career prospects. One of the sought-after fields is engineering. The field of engineering demands a student to possess high aptitude, self-introspection and professional guidance.

Since most students find themselves at crossroads as their level of knowledge on the engineering field is too less, it becomes a necessity for them to take professional or parental guidance, which consolidates their choice on an engineering course. Students opting for any course, specifically a crucial course like engineering, should be more determined about their objectives and future plans. For instance, Sir M Visvesvaraya, a renowned engineer, had a vision behind his academic pursuit. So, it is necessary for a student to have a determination before he or she pursues a course.

Aimlessly choosing a course would merely lead students to tax their time and resources.

Take time

And at this juncture, the role of parent opinion becomes immensely important in laying a good foundation for their children. They should ensure that children develop an interest right from their Pre-University level and by the time they complete, they would have a precise knowledge of their goals without letting the room to any external influences to decide on them.

Entrance exams act merely as a necessary condition to get into an engineering course, but logical reasoning can make you work out on the exact path you want your course to take you on.

Both the parents and students should share a mutual understanding on the subject matter of engineering, which in turn will help the student increase his or her interest on the subject as well as the specialised and advanced courses that are introduced in the field by various colleges and institutions.

Engineering potentially looks for candidates who have substantial theoretical and analytical skills and students opting for engineering should assess their strengths and weaknesses in those aspects.

Nevertheless, a broad subject knowledge would enable a student to deepen his interest, focus and dedication towards the subject.

Students opting for engineering should also look for career guidance that would provide a picture of the future job opportunities in the country as well as abroad. The student should also prioritise his or her career venues and meet various experts in the field to have the best advantage.

Sound knowledge

Students should not reduce the aim of their study and career to an individual level but are expected to view from a larger perspective taking the economy into play.

The reason is that most infrastructure and other related projects affecting human lives are done through an engineer’s guidance and faculties. Hence, students should make the best utilisation of resources while pursuing the course and becoming an asset not just to the family but also to the entire society.

Becoming an engineer is not a cake walk but a very tedious one, hence students should take utmost care and time in considering an engineering course. The ultimate motive of doing this is to build a strong knowledge base and help build a lucrative career.

“The great aim of the education is not knowledge, but action.”- Herbert Spencer

(The author is principal, NIE-IT, Mysuru)

(Published 27 March 2019, 19:27 IST)

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