Healthy body, sharp mind: Fitness regimen for NDA aspirants

A healthy body and sharp mind are essential for those who wish to join this prestigious tri-services academy.
Last Updated : 17 June 2024, 20:19 IST

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Joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakwasla, Pune is a dream for many youngsters. The UPSC-led NDA exam consists of multiple stages to select the right fit for youngsters who dream of joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) in Khadakwasla, Pune, and military leadership roles in the Indian Armed Forces. After selection, NDA aspirants undergo three years of rigorous training at the National Defence Academy to align their physical and mental fitness with the standards of the Indian Armed Forces.

The forces require candidates with robust mental and physical health to carry out tasks during war and peacetime operations and assist in disasters. Hence, a healthy body and sharp mind are essential for those who wish to join this prestigious tri-services academy.

Academic and personality profile

NDA admission requires an excellent academic profile and a good personality. The preparation for the NDA should never be compared with those for the IIT or JEE.

The NDA exam syllabus is simple and manageable. Therefore, the ultimate focus should be clearing the SSB interview process and the medical test. The NDA requires candidates capable of withstanding the rigorous stress of military duties in adverse terrain and incompatible climates.

Physical fitness routine

Make a habit of getting up early in the morning. Engage in activities such as jogging, cycling, walking, or going to the gym. Establish a routine and exercise regularly at home or wherever you prefer. This will refresh your body and help your body parts function healthily.

Set a target for each day before you start your schedule and achieve it. Include physical activities such as aerobic and cardio exercises and muscle and bone-strengthening. Additionally, engaging in creative hobbies and skill development keeps you motivated and physically fit. Some activities, such as reducing screen time and focusing on spiritual growth, are important.

Start with these physical exercises regularly: brisk walking or jogging, cycling, push-ups, sit-ups, climbing stairs or hills, running, and yoga. These activities strengthen your heart muscles, keep you active, and enhance physical endurance. They also keep your body and mind fit. Run at least 3 kilometres every day and gradually increase your stamina.

Yoga for inner strength: Physical exercises keep us fit from the outside, but yoga benefits us deeply. Yoga not only tones the body but also improves the functioning of internal organs, which helps boost the immune system.

Diet and nutrition: Eat a balanced diet that includes fibre and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are the best choices. Green vegetables such as green beans and broccoli keep the digestive system healthy and clean. In addition, keep track of your daily calorie and food intake.

Mental and emotional fitness: An important key to being in shape is to set goals and maintain a positive mindset. Staying positive helps you push yourself to achieve a fit body. Exercise helps you live positively and strengthens mental well-being while protecting you from diseases. It keeps you healthy, makes you look younger, improves the quality of your life, and increases and maintains bone density.

Exercise's mental and emotional benefits include better sleep, increased productivity, more happiness and self-confidence, improved cognitive functioning, and better interpersonal relationships. Following these guidelines can ensure that NDA aspirants are prepared physically and mentally for the challenges ahead.

(The author is the founder and director of an NDA coaching academy)

Published 17 June 2024, 20:19 IST

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