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Last Updated : 06 January 2010, 12:01 IST
Last Updated : 06 January 2010, 12:01 IST

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After the second round of counselling, I got a seat for Electrical & Electronics in my city. But I wonder if I will be able to complete the course. I scored 69 per cent in Class 12 and this has upset my parents. Is there an effective method to prepare for college exams? Please guide me.

Dear MC,
The first thing you should do is to honestly analyse why you got 69 per cent. Once you know the reasons, you can correct your mistakes.
Here are a few questions to help you along:
*Did you prepare well?
*Did you study at the last minute?
*Did you use a study technique suitable to your style of learning?
*Did you learn by rote or did you comprehend what you were learning?
*Did you manage your time effectively during the examination?
*Did you understand the questions, taking note of the keywords in the questions?

It is good that you have made a decision to do well. To implement the decision, it would be very important to follow a consistent daily routine when it comes to studies.
The 3R formula is good to follow — Read and Write important points, Recall, and Review learnt units.

Also keep in mind that there should be a balance between all your activities. Keep time aside for physical activity, sleep and relaxation of any kind. It is also important to eat healthy, nutritious food.
Remember the desire to do well should be because you want to do well and not just because your parents are upset. Ambition is not enough; you need to have the right attitude to make turn your decision into a reality.

I am currently studying in 2nd PUC. I scored 85 per cent in Class 10 and 62 per cent in 1st PUC. I am very interested in Biotechnology and Astronomy. Does one have to be creative and intelligent to study these courses? I am determined to study either of the two subjects.

Dear KN,
You appear to have only a vague idea regarding your two areas of interest. The subjects are different from each other and the study path is also different.  Let me give you a brief idea of each of them.  
Astronomy is the study of the universe and everything it contains, such as the stars, planets, comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies. Astronomers observe the movement of these bodies and analyse the results of the observations. The skills and personal qualities required are: accuracy, attention to detail, computer skills, concentration, critical thinking, high mathematical ability, initiative, patience, planning ability, problem solving ability, team work, technical and scientific ability. Essential subjects include Mathematics and Physics.
Biotechnology is concerned with the production of synthetic substances through biological processes. Biotechnologists apply their knowledge of organisms and biological systems and processes to the chemical processing of materials such as vaccines, drugs, hormones, pesticides, food and diagnostic aids. It is an interdisciplinary subject bringing together microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, cell physiology with chemical engineering. Skills and personal qualities required are: accuracy, adaptability, attention to detail, decision making, initiative, logic, manual dexterity, numeracy, problem solving ability, team work, technical/scientific ability. Useful subjects include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering/ technology.
To know more about both you could contact a relevant professional body or research the subjects on the internet.  
Having given you a brief idea of both career options, it is for you to decide whether you have the ability and aptitude to cope with the course and, eventually, the demands of the job.  I hope it is clear to you that you can choose only one of the two courses.  The other could be an area of interest or hobby. In conclusion, I would like to emphasise that marks and credits may or may not be an indicator of one’s intelligence.
(Source of information: Professional and Technical Careers — A guide from World Book — Inc. 1998.)

Published 06 January 2010, 12:01 IST

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