Lok Sabha Elections 2024: PM Modi has not done any work in last 10 years to seek votes again, says Arvind Kejriwal

He claimed that there was anger against the BJP over the issues of inflation and unemployment.
Last Updated : 28 May 2024, 16:40 IST
Last Updated : 28 May 2024, 16:40 IST

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Chandigarh: Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of not having done any work in the last ten years on the basis of which he can seek votes from people.

He claimed that there was anger against the BJP over the issues of inflation and unemployment.

Addressing the traders in Ludhiana, Kejriwal urged them to ensure the victory of all 13 candidates of his party.

Stating that he has visited many places, Kejriwal said, "There is a lot of anger against them (BJP) especially over the issues of inflation and unemployment. Fuel prices are rising, jobs are shrinking. People think that the PM will give some solutions on how to reduce inflation and tame unemployment."

Questioning the statements being made by Prime Minister Modi in his poll rallies, Kejriwal said, "We want the PM to give solutions to our problems. He has been the prime minister for the last 10 years and he has not even a single work to show on the basis of which he can seek votes."

Kejriwal said that his party has been seeking votes on the basis of the work done in the national capital and Punjab.

The AAP leader said that he was arrested as the saffron party did not want him to campaign for the Lok Sabha polls.

"So, do not vote for the BJP at any cost. Respond to the BJP's dictatorship by voting for the AAP," he said.

Kejriwal alleged that the ruling BJP has withheld Rs 9,000 crore of Punjab's share of funds, including Rs 5,500 crore rural development fund.

"This rural development fund money was to be used to build roads in every village. The money of the National Health Mission has also been withheld, which could have been used to build more Mohalla clinics. They are doing this because the BJP wants to stop the development of Punjab," he alleged.

Kejriwal accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of threatening to topple the Bhagwant Mann government in Punjab.

At a poll rally in Ludhiana on Sunday, Shah asked people to ensure the victory of his party's Lok Sabha candidates in Punjab and said "the Bhagwant Mann government will not last long after the BJP's victory".

The AAP supremo further said the BJP's main objective is to stop free electricity being given by the AAP government.

Kejriwal said the condition of business and industry was extremely bad in Punjab before the formation of the AAP government that they were leaving the state and going to other states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan.

"Within the last two years, the trend of industries leaving Punjab has stopped and new industries are coming to the state. Punjab, under the Mann government, got investments worth Rs 56,000 crore. Foreign companies are also now buying land for industries here. After Jamshedpur, Tata Steel's biggest plant is now being set up in Punjab," he said.

The AAP leader exhorted the industry and business community to give their votes to his party.

"Make the Aam Aadmi Party win all 13 seats, then only the voice of Punjab will reverberate inside the Lok Sabha. All our MPs will raise the voice of the people of Punjab and get all the issues related to the state resolved," said Kejriwal.

"When we will have 13 MPs from Punjab, then the Central government cannot stop even a single penny of the state," he added.

Kejriwal later took out a roadshow in Pathankot in favour of AAP candidate Amansher Singh Sherry Kalsi, who is fighting from the Gurdaspur seat.

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Published 28 May 2024, 16:40 IST

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