Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Have become 'gaali-proof' after years of Opposition attacks, says Modi

The spirit of the Indian Constitution is being violated for vote-bank politics, the PM said as he attacked the Opposition for sacrificing the dream of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, the PM said in the interview.
Last Updated : 28 May 2024, 08:03 IST
Last Updated : 28 May 2024, 08:03 IST

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With the last phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections scheduled on June 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his interview with news agency ANI exuded confidence with respect to NDA's '400-paar' goal as he binned Opposition's attacks on the BJP calling various allegations "garbage".

Here are key takeaways from the interview:

  1. On being asked if the NDA will be able to reach its '400-paar' goal, the prime minister said that the final phase of polls are in reality the last phase for those who were dreaming and making big promises, while, "For us, it is an indication of the the beginning of a new phase."

  2. Commenting on how reservation has become such a big issue in the elections, the PM warned his "SC, ST, and OBC brothers and sisters" against the loot that has been being going on by keeping the following communities in the dark.

  3. Accusing the Opposition of turning educational institutions into minority institutions overnight, the PM said that those who call themselves sympathisers of the backward communities are in fact staunch enemies of the Dalits and tribals. Taking the example of Jamia Millia Islamia, the PM said that by giving the university a minority status, reservations have ended in the university. Similarly, there are around 10,000 similar institutions where the right of reservation have been snatched from the SC,ST and ST, he said.

  4. The spirit of the Indian Constitution is being violated for vote-bank politics, the PM said as he attacked the Opposition for sacrificing the dream of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

  5. Reiterating that the Congress manifesto has imprints of the Muslim League, PM Modi asked if the Congress wants to destroy the upcoming generation to please its vote bank and give minority quota. "It is my duty to fight for the rights of my Dalit, SC OBC brothers and sisters."

  6. When asked whether the PM will end reservation if the BJP comes to power, he said that the Congress has already committed that sin that is why they have to lie now.

  7. On Calcutta High Court's decision to cancel all OBC certificates issued in West Bengal after 2010, PM Narendra Modi said that "They have a modus operandi" as he accused the Opposition of turning all castes of Muslims into OBCs overnight, he said that even after the high court judgement exposed the fraud, the Opposition is even abusing the judiciary.

  8. When asked to comment on Kejriwal's accusations that the PM decides who goes to the jail, the PM said: "It would be better if people read the Constitution of India. I do not have anything to say to them."

  9. Calling himself "gaali-proof", Modi said these people are now so frustrated and disappointed, using abusive language has become their nature.

  10. Rebuking the jibe that the ED, CBI and I-T are being used to suppress the Opposition, PM Modi asked why the media does not do its own research on this "garbage" instead of asking this question to him. "You don't have the courage to ask people who are spreading this garbage for proof so you come to me with questions," the PM retaliated adding that he will convert this "garbage" into manure and will produce some good things for the country from it.

  11. Rebutting on the allegations made by Rahul Gandhi that the PM is supporting some families in the country, Modi said that it would be better to ask these questions to the source of this "garbage".

  12. On high voter turnout in Kashmir, the prime minister said that when a Kashmiri votes, it means that they have accepted the Constitution of India. "Kashmir has sent a message to the world."

  13. Meanwhile, the PM also said that the Article 370 was the agenda of only 4-5 families as he mentioned that in order to implement any strategy of the the government, "sometimes I had to shut down the internet for that". "The feeling of belongingness is increasing among the people of Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and hence its direct result is also visible in elections, tourism," the PM said adding that prior to this the country was torn into pieces by these walls of lies which is why he destroyed it.

  14. "Should I handle my relations or worry about the fate of Odisha," the PM replied when asked about his relationship with CM Naveen Patnaik. "I chose to sacrifice myself for the future of Odisha and for that if I have to give up on some of my relation, then I will do it." I will convince them after the polls, I do not have animosity towards anyone, the PM said announcing that on June 10 a BJP candidate will take oath as the Odisha CM.

  15. TMC is fighting for its survival in Bengal, Modi claimed as he declared that the Bharatiya Janata Party will get its maximum success in West Bengal. "BJP workers are being put in jails before the elections. Despite all these atrocities, more people are voting and the number of votes is also increasing."

  16. Winding up the interview, PM Modi said that one-point agenda that he has for Modi 3.0 is 'Viksit Bharat'.

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Published 28 May 2024, 08:03 IST

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