KCR to launch a national party

Last Updated 25 July 2019, 13:13 IST

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief and Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao has said that he is mulling the idea to launch a national party to play a bigger role at the Centre.

Kick starting his election campaign from here on Sunday, he wanted the people of Telangana to elect all the 16 TRS Lok Sabha candidates to strengthen the proposed Federal front at the Centre which will be a stage for the anti-BJP and anti-Congress regional political parties.

KCR who had launched an agitation for separate Telangana from here two decades ago, called for the blessings of the people to help him create a “Congress and BJP Mukth Bharat”.

“Both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are the same. They are degrading their nation by calling each other names every day. They won’t bother about the poor and the structural changes,” KCR said.

Putting his proposal to vote, he asked everyone at the sprawling grounds to raise their hands if they want him to go in for national politics.

“Do you want me to go to national politics? Our strength is not just 16 seats, we are talking to other parties and we are stronger than 150. We are getting things ready for a Federal front government at the Centre... Not everything can be disclosed now,” he said.

“We have to drive away incompetent people like Modi and Rahul Gandhi. A Federal front is the need of the hour, which has the share of regional parties. I will pay an important role and Telangana must lead the nation,” KCR said.

The chief minister wanted to know whether the two contenders for the prime minister's post can give farmers sufficient water for irrigation and power, whereas the country is bestowed with abundant natural resources.

Questioning the Hindu credentials of the BJP, KCR wanted to know if only the BJP party workers are Hindus.

“Are you only Hindu in the country. I am a better Hindu than you. I have done Yagas better and bigger than you. On the other hand, Rahul calls the PM a Chor. These are cheap politics. These two national parties can’t control Pakistan and are neglecting external affairs,” KCR said.

KCR, who has not reacted to the tirade of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu against him in the past three months, has said that Naidu heaped thousands of abuses on him for offering him a return gift. “He is worried that I am going to defeat him in AP,” he said in a lighter vein.

(Published 17 March 2019, 15:32 IST)

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