'Oppn leaders attended TMC rally out of fear of Modi'

Last Updated 03 May 2019, 07:49 IST

Opposition party leaders shared the dais at Trinamool Congress’ (TMC) rally in Kolkata out of their fear of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Smriti Irani said on Wednesday. Addressing a BJP rally in West Bengal’s Jhargram district, she also said that in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections BJP will defeat West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s alliance.

“Recently West Bengal witnessed a peculiar political development. Leaders who have nothing to do with development and welfare of the people shared the dais only because of their fear of Modi,” said Irani.

Pointing out that there is long term rivalry between several opposition leaders who attended TMC’s rally Irani said that they have come together only out of their fear that people will usher in development in West Bengalunde the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“ I want to tell the people that the leaders who opposed each other throughout their lives have come together out of their fear that people will usher in development in Bengal under the leadership of Modi,’ said Irani.

The Minister also questioned Banerjee’s effort to form an alliance with Congress and CPI(M) who have once allegedly abused her.

She further claimed that the TMC government refused to grant permission for BJP’s rath yatra and rallies because Banerjee is afraid of it.

“ Didi (Banerjee) have you forgotten how you were once abused by Congress and CPI(M). And today you want to form an alliance with them. Did you forget that when you held hands with them on the dais?” said Irani.

The Minister also said that in the upcoming Lok Sabha election the united opposition will be defeated by BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

“We will defeat Didi’s alliance in 2019 under the leadership of Narendra Modi and usher in development in Bengal,” said Irani.

She also asked why the TMC government was not implementing the 7th Pay Commission in Bengal and alleged that one has to pay “extortion tax” to TMC for college admission, teaching jobs and for availing widow pension.

Meanwhile Irani’s rally at Siuri in Birbhum district as by the time the rally will conclude there will be very little daylight for her helicopter to take off.

“This is nothing but the state administration’s conspiracy to disrupt our rallies. They did not give permission for the helicopter to land near the venue in Jhargram but instead asked it to land in Kalaikunda in West Medinipur district. This is the reason why she could not come to the Siuri rally,” said BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha.

(Published 24 January 2019, 09:09 IST)

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