Bridges illustrates children's book penned by daughter

Jeff Bridges illustrates children's book penned by daughter

(Twitter Image/@DarkHorseComics)

Actor Jeff Bridges has illustrated his daughter Isabelle Bridges-Boesch's children's book "Daddy Daughter Day".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the book will be released in October by Dark Horse Comics.

It focuses on Bridges-Boesch's childhood, when she declared that one day would be 'Daddy Daughter Day', a routine that her family eagerly took part in.

"When your kids are young, you can say, 'Hey, let’s play pretend, or play a game.’ When they’ve become adults, spending time together is often challenging. Everyone’s busy with their lives, with careers, with work. 'Daddy Daughter Day' gave my dear daughter Isabelle and I a reason to spend time together and have an adventure," Bridges said in a statement.

"This book has been inside of me for years. When I finally shared the idea with my dad, he was instantly supportive and agreed to do the illustrations," Bridges-Boesch added.

"Daddy Daughter Day" will come out on October 6.