Varanasi: Photography exhibition to spread awareness

The Kitab provides a platform to create and celebrate excellence in the field of photography book-making practices

Sex-worker community has always been a huge taboo, not only in Varanasi but Indian society at large. The Kitaab's latest initiative focuses on empowering them, educate them with powerful photography books and work towards the betterment of the sex worker community at large so that the community can also have equal right in our society. 

After having organised successful editions and over 50 exhibitions in five different cities in India, dedicated to the Transgender community, slum communities, women in the Himalayas, The Kitab committed the exhibition for the sex worker community in Shivdaspur area of Varanasi.

The only one of its kind in South-Asia, the three-day-long photobook festival which took place on 28th- 31st August 2019, showcased a curated exhibition of 25 photobooks from more than 15 countries. They presented photobooks on different subjects that inspire curiosity, educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation amongst the local communities.

Through presenting an international photobook festival, The Kitab provides a platform to create and celebrate excellence in the field of photography book-making practices. 

Speaking about the sex-worker community's reaction to this exhibition, the communities loved the fact that they presented an impactful exhibition on photobooks, curated from many countries across the world. They had never seen such kind of an exhibition and felt so inspired after spending time with these photo books.

To some extent, the organisation also try to connect the people in distress with NGO's working for the betterment of that particular community, leaving an impact on the marginalised communities in India.

In the coming days, they wish to visit places like Bangalore and Pondicherry and showcase their visual treasures in order to educate and have an honest dialogue with society.

To celebrate the art of powerful and meaningful photography, which is not restricted to any selective few gatekeepers of the art community, The Kitaab dreams of reaching out to every town and villages in India.

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