Banter beyond boundaries: One when Gibbs tweets Alia

Banter beyond boundaries: One when Gibbs tweets Alia

Former South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs tweeted a gif with the Bollywood star Alia Bhatt.

A hilarious twitter conversation between Herschelle Gibbs and Alia Bhatt on Twitter. (DH File Photo)

The Tuesday morning started pleasantly when former South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs sent a tweet saying, "Morning. Birds are tweeting so I’ll do the same and say have a good one folks."

The ace cricketer, being the friendly and interactive self, humbly replied to many of the fans comments to the post.

But things took a slight dramatic side when he posted a gif on how he felt when Twitter liked his post:

Obviously, Indian twitteraties jumped in to know if Gibbs knew about the Bollywood star, Alia Bhatt.

As it turned out, Gibbs "didn’t know" that Alia Bhatt was an actress, and said the gif was good.

On the other side of the chirpy day, Alia Bhatt put out a tweet with a gif of herself signing a 'four'. 

Fans flew in their comments, appreciating Alia's quick-wit.


If you think that's it, of course not. Gibbs promptly responded saying, "I deal in 6s madam not fours." 

Gibbs finally tweeted, "Been a funny few hours but all in good spirits @aliaa08"

It's good to say, this twitter banter had some pretty good shots.