COVID-19: Firms reducing security guards, industry hit

COVID-19: Firms reducing security guards, industry hit

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Agencies providing security guards are increasingly being “asked to withdraw” most of its personnel from establishments like shopping malls and hotels after authorities’ orders to close them in the wake of spread of Covid-19, prompting the sector to approach Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking relief.

The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) has shot off a letter to Modi saying that it would be “unethical/illegal” to temporarily lay off their employees on their part, as it could end up in “tremendous amount of restlessness” and frustration that can even lead to disturbed law and order problems.

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In the letter, CAPSI chairman said that closure of malls and other establishments have led to a situation where the clients are asking them to remove most security guards.

“Now what happens to others? Where do they go? Who pays them their salaries for this period? Obviously, the already beleaguered private security industry now will have to pay nearly 70% of its workforce without getting paid for by the clients, for this duration,” he said.

Emphasising that Covid-19 is having an adverse impact on this sector with a “much greater intensity and ferocity”, he said any lay-off would lead to “catastrophic” effect on these unfortunately placed Private security guards and their families.