Stand-up comedy, in more ways than one

Stand-up comedy, in more ways than one

Rajkummar Rao in Made in China

Tiger penis won’t lift an aphrodisiac business. You need balls of steel too.

So failed entrepreneur Rajkummar Rao decides to grow a pair. After all, it is his mentor Paresh Rawal’s advice.

Rao’s meek Mehta soon transforms into a risk-it-all pusher. He imports a magic potion with animal parts from the shady lanes of China and sells it to the conservative households of Gujarat, where sex is sheesh. And voila! — Viagra is passe. All that roars between the sheets now is ‘Tiger Power’.

‘Made in China’ is a strange concoction in itself. It wants to talk sex. It wants to entertain. It also wants to spread awareness (onus on sexologist Boman Irani to address the elephant in the room).

The director dreams of an India where sexual disorders are discussed as casually as tonsils. Eww! What about izzat and all that jazz? Rao’s family isn’t ready yet. Even his progressive wife (Mouni Roy, pout-pose-pout), who talks 'top-floor' orgasms with him, can’t accept his business of selling libido in cartons.

In the end, all you get is a cracking Rao with no performance anxiety. Boman Irani gives good company with his “bad bedroom stories”.

The idea is good but the bulb fuses frequently. It’s Made in China, after all.