When 'Tangled' predicted novel coronavirus in 2010

Disney's 'Tangled' predicted coronavirus, social distancing in 2010, according to Twitter

Today's keyword: Isolation. Except this one was taken a little too literally.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has got the world in a twist. Every day, people wake up to news of people getting infected and the global tally rises by hundreds, if not thousands.

And the stock markets are down (though that is arguably a mix of other factors and not just the virus) and people are being told to stay (and even work) at home, and unpredictability has become the new norm in this scenario. But not for Twitter.

The microblogging site, as history has shown, is convinced that something in the past has predicted something happening today. It may not be on the same level as 'The Simpsons Predicted This' but it's there. And now, the latest entry in the journal is Disney's Tangled, which released in 2010.

Perhaps as an effect of the lockdown leaving too many people with too much time, many Twitter users have dug deep into Tangled and found clues that they have linked to the coronavirus.

Just take a look at this:

Or this:

You had to see it coming that a Disney princess being locked up for 18 years would be a gold mine for Twitter to unravel and it is a gift that keeps on giving.

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