KCR meets veteran director K Viswanath

KCR meets veteran director K Viswanath

The Chief Minister told Viswanath that he saw “Sankarabharanam” movie directed by the latter for more than 25 times. (DH photo)

Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, a big fan of veteran director and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee K Viswanath, met the National Award-winning movie maker at his residence in Filmnagar on Sunday and expressed his wish to produce a movie if Viswanath would don the hat of a director.

The Chief Minister told Viswanath that he saw “Sankarabharanam” movie directed by the latter for more than 25 times.

The meeting of the Chief Minister with the ace director happened after KCR wished to see the veteran director and that wish was conveyed to him over the phone. “Initially, I thought that someone is playing tricks with my by imitating KCR’s voice, but when later officers called up confirming the news, I realized that it is true,” Viswanath told reporters.

When KCR arrived at Viswanath’s home, his wife Jayalakshmi, son Ravindranath, daughter in law Gauri and director N Sankar were there to receive him. KCR then offered silk cloths to the director and wife and inquired about the ace director’s health. “I told the CM that I am okay except the knee pain that I am enduring. He asked me why not go for a surgery I told him that I am afraid of hospitals and that is why my movies never have hospital scenes,” Viswanath said.

The Telangana Chief Minister, who loves Telugu language and Telugu movies, suddenly had the urge to meet Viswanath after listening to a song that he heard from one of the Viswanath’s movie.

“I have seen your movies multiple times. You make your movies with a passion. But you have not made a movie in the past decade. If you want to make a movie let me know. I will take care of everything else,” KCR told the director. When Viswanath said that he was glad to see KCR ‘s emotion when water entered the Kaleswaram project at Medigadda barrage, KCR wished that both the Telugu states would utilize every drop of rivers Godavari and Krishna.

“It is like Lord Krishna visiting his childhood buddy, poor Kuchela,” the director told reporters after KCR left. The Chief Minister’s office in a statement said that the Chief Minister is keen on making Hyderabad the best destination for movie making in the entire country.