King of horror movies Shyam Ramsay no more

King of horror movies Shyam Ramsay no more

Filmmaker Shyam Ramsay

Filmmaker Shyam Ramsay, known for making cult horror movies, passed away in Mumbai on Wednesday. He was 67.

Ramsay was ailing from pneumonia and passed away in a Mumbai hospital.

The Ramsay Brothers made several horror films which have a place in Hindi cinema’s hall of fame as the pioneers of horror.

They are producers, directors and editors for many famous Hindi horror movies such as Guest House, Veerana, Purana Mandir, Purani Haveli, Darwaza and Bandh Darwaza, and the TV series "The Zee Horror Show".

The family's history can be traced back to Karachi in undivided India, where Fatehchand U Ramsinghani owned a radio shop. After partition, he moved to Mumbai and entered the film world. He also took the name Ramsay.

His sons are famously known as Ramsay brothers - Kumar Ramsay,  Keshu Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay, Karan Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay, Gangu Ramsay and Arjun Ramsay.

Shyam and Tusli used to direct the films while others looked after other departments of filmmaking. Their wives made food for the crew. Tulsi Ramsay, aged 77, passed away last December.