'Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit highlights of my career'

'Marriage Story', 'Jojo Rabbit' highlights of my career: Scarlett Johansson on Oscar nominations for acting

Scarlett Johansson is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. (Credit: AFP photo )

Scarlett Johansson, famous for her role as Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has attained a rare honour of getting two nominations in the same year for acting.
Her nominations come for the category 'Best Actress' and 'Best Supporting Actress' for Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit respectively.

Speaking on her nominations, Johansson called the films "two great highlights of my career".

"I am deeply humbled by the Academy’s recognition of my work which would not have been possible without the support of the incredibly gifted actors and writer/directors that I’ve been so fortunate to collaborate with", said Johansson, adding that working with Noah Baumbach on Marriage Story and Taika Waititi on Jojo Rabbit gave her deep artistic satisfaction.

Talking about her role in Marriage story, Johansson said: “I think when you see the way that Noah respectfully approaches all of these stories whether you kind of love or hate these people, in different ways it resonates with the audience because there’s no right and wrong in this film. It's able to just be, you know, which is so refreshing. And sometimes you just want to see some reflection of yourself up there and then let it kind of sit and it means different things to different people”.
And talking about her role in Jojo Rabbit, she said: “she (Rosie) is such a beautiful character, I loved her so much, I felt so in love with her when I read the script and I think I felt such an affinity for her. She’s so brave and she has this infinite ability to love and she’s so hopeful in like a very hopeless situation” she goes on to say that “ It was all made with so much love and care and sensitivity and humour and hope”.

Johansson is only the 12th in a shortlist of actors who have been nominated for two Oscars for acting in the same year. She will be seen next in Marvel Studios' Black Widow, which sees her leading her first solo film in the MCU.

The Oscars air on Monday, the 10th of February, morning at 5.30 am on Star Movies.