#MeToo: Sanjjanaa Galrani apologises to Ravi Srivatsa

#MeToo: Sanjjanaa Galrani apologises to Ravi Srivatsa

In a dramatic turn of events actor, Sanjjanaa Galrani on Tuesday openly apologised for her #MeToo comments against director Ravi Srivatsa reports News 9. She said she would want to apologize if her comment hurt director  Ravi Srivatsa.

Director Ravi Shrivatsa reacted to Sanjjanaa's apology by saying her apology has made him win.

In a social media post on October 17, Sanjjanaa Galrani had accused director Ravi Srivatsa of forcing her to do "dozens of kissing scenes". She said the director threatened to destroy her career while the film crew repeatedly harassed her during the shoot in Bangkok. 

Riled by the accusation, Srivatsa addressed a press conference at the office of the Karnataka Film Directors' Association with the movie's assistant director Mussanje Mahesh, cinematographer Mathew Rajan, editor Lakshman Reddy and other crew members in tow. All of them denied Sanjjanna's accusation. 

Previously Ravi Shrivatsa had asked Sanjjanaa to apologize for her comment but in return, she lashed out at the director.