‘Four More Shots Please 2’ hits the right notes

‘Four More Shots Please 2’ review: This Amazon Prime original delivers the goods

A still from Four More Shots Please 2. (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Cast: Bani J, Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta and Maanvi Gagroo

Rating: 3.5/5

The eagerly-awaited Four More Shots Please 2, which went live on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, is a delightful attempt at storytelling that hits the right notes. The web series revolves around what happens when four good friends reunite under unexpected circumstances and revive their friendship. The basic plot has enough ‘masala’ to keep the viewer hooked and this proves to be the show’s first win. The impact of the story is enhanced by some deft writing that focuses on ‘showing’ as opposed to ‘telling’.

The equations between the main characters have been fleshed out properly and strike a chord. The sequences featuring Bani J and Lisa Ray make an impact courtesy the mature presentation and raw intensity. Similarly, the track involving Sayani Gupta and Pratiek Babbar is quite relatable. The reel equation between Kirti Kulhari and Neil Bhoopalam too connects with the viewers.

The same, however, cannot be said about the references to ‘political pressure’ and Freedom of Expression as they feel forced. Similarly, concepts like ‘open marriage’ might not really register with the aam janta.

Coming to performances, Kirti Kulhari puts her best foot forward and brings out the dilemma faced by her character. Her chemistry with Neil and new entrant Samir Kochar adds a new dimension to the viewing experience. Bani J does justice to what could be one of the most challenging roles of her career. Maanvi Gagroo too ups her game and proves that she has tremendous potential.  Sayani elevates her character with her sincere act

Milind Soman looks fab and delivers the goods when needed. Sadly, Prateik is under-utilised and does not make the desired impact. Neil and Samir make the most of their relatively less screen time. Similarly, Lisa complements Bani’s performance well. The supporting cast serves its purpose.

 The cinematography is top-notch and gives Four More Shots Please 2 an urban feel. Some of the sequences in the penultimate episode have come out well. Likewise, the intimate scenes have been shot aesthetically and feel organic, which adds depth to the viewing experience. The editing is upto the mark as most of the sequences do not drag.

All in all, Four More Shots Please 2 is a feast for die-hard fans.