'Laila Majnu' movie review: Insane lanes of love

Last Updated 08 September 2018, 06:12 IST

Hindi (U/A)

Cast: Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri

Director: Sajid Ali

Rating: **

Laila loves being in love. Her bible: Maine Pyar Kiya. So the girl pets pigeons like it's apocalypse now.

Majnu loves being madly in love. Tough luck, "shakal achchi nahin hai".

But when the two meet, every vein begins to throb with love. And it's a romance in Kashmir. Bliss? No, not when the hero is born of Imtiaz Ali's pen.

Laila Majnu is directed by his brother Sajid Ali, but Imitiaz's writing is writ large in every tragedy that the movie celebrates.

The original Persian tale itself is too dark to devour. Closer home, in the Srinagar saga, the familiar Imtiaz-esque shades are hard to miss. Like Ranbir Kapoor's Jordan (Rockstar), Avinash Tiwary's Kais takes an early flight to self-destruction. And by the time the final thud comes, the initial gasp-inducing moments of pure passion are already buried beyond resurrection under the layers of insanity. A little too insane, maybe.

The newcomers, however, bring a lot of spark to their pangs. Avinash Tiwary (of Tu Hai Mera Sunday) gives an achingly beautifully performance as the crazed lover. The man admits quite early that he doesn't have the looks, but makes up with his craft and deep voice.

Tripti Dimri (a little too pouty but fetching nevertheless) has all the fun as she plays every young man's dream. Men line up on her route with letters, roses and hold on, ice lollies! And the lady acknowledges the everyday roadside attention by "rewarding" them with lipstick-stained wipes.

The protagonists have two things in common — a notorious reputation and warring families. Both turn inconsequential when love finds its way. Only to get lost soon. And as the tragic tale winds up, it's only the breathtaking-as-ever Kashmir that one takes back.

(Published 07 September 2018, 14:03 IST)

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