'Minnal Murali' trailer: Tovino turns superhero

'Minnal Murali' trailer review: Tovino Thomas makes a quirky superhero

The film will release digitally in December

Tovino in 'Minnal Murali'. Credit: Twitter/@ttovino

The streaming giant Netflix on Thursday unveiled the trailer of actor Tovino Thomas' upcoming movie Minnal Murali, creating a fair deal of buzz in the Malayalam film industry. It features the young star in a new avatar that caters to the younger audience and pretty much everything that one would expect from a superhero flick. Here are the key takeaways from the trailer.

'Electrifying' origin story

The origin story is widely regarded as the cornerstone of a superhero saga. Bruce Wayne, for example, assumed the identity of The Batman following the murder of his parents. Similarly, Peter Parker transformed into Spider-Man after being bit by a radioactive spider. Minnal Murali too follows the same formula. Judging by the trailer, the hero develops superpowers after being hit by lightning. It is also quite clear that the origin story will play out in a light-hearted manner and cater to those fond of situational comedy. 

Tovino's big moment

Tovino, who began his acting career with the 2012 release Prabhuvinte Makkal, has over the years emerged as one of M-town's brightest young prospects. The 32-year-old garnered a fair deal of attention with his work in Kala, which hit the screens earlier this year. He followed it up with the equally well-received Kaaanekkaane. Minnal Murali is a step in the right direction as his character's journey from a meek young man to a superhero is likely to help him push his limits as a performer. 

Treat for the younger crowd

There is no denying the fact that Malayalam cinema has found a wider audience because of the OTT revolution. However, the recent 'digital blockbusters' have catered to a mature audience. Nayattu, for example, revolved around what happens when three policepersons find themselves fighting the very system that they were once part of and had strong socio-political undertones. Minnal Murali is an exception on this front. The trailer has a distinct light-hearted and likely vibe, which indicates the biggie will appeal to the younger crowd. 

A miss for theatres

Most superhero sagas are designed for a theatrical experience. Minnal Murali appears to be no exception as it would have been a treat to watch Tovino in his stylish costume on the big screen. Moreover, some of the action sequences too would have worked better that way. Judging by the trailer, Minnal Murali, with its rich look and feel, is a big miss for theatres. That said, an OTT-only release should help it find a wider audience when it premieres digitally on December 24. 


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