Newcomers must enjoy the process of acting, not aim for fame or money: Adil Hussain

Last Updated : 06 August 2020, 06:14 IST

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Actor Adil Hussain feels newcomers should take up acting only if they are genuinely passionate about the craft and derive joy from the process associated with playing a role. He adds that one should avoid entering the industry if he or she is in it just for the fame and money. The 2.0 actor also opens up about collaborating with filmmaker Prakash Jha for Pareeksha and says that he is a ‘delight to work with

(Edited excerpts from interview with DH)

How was the experience of working with Prakash Jha?

Prakash Jha is one of the prolific directors of the country. I have been tracking his work for a long time. I even followed him when he made (more) mainstream work in Bollywood. He makes films on socially and politically relevant subjects and is a delight to work with. Moreover, being an actor himself he identifies with us as performers.

How did you prepare for the rickshaw wallah in Pareeksha?

I grew up in a small town in Assam. Cycles and rickshaws were the main mode of transform in my hometown. One of my neighbours rented his house to a rickshaw wallah. I became friends with him and we had many conversations. So, that was a reference point.

How did the acting bug bite you?

I was always interested in acting and did plays even as an eight-year-old. Later, I joined the National School Of Drama and that proved to be a good experience.

What is the toughest movie of your career?

I once did a Marathi movie called Arunoday (also known as Sunrise) with Tannishtha Chatterjee. It revolved around a cop who is searching for his daughter. He has failed as a police officer and a father. The film was a difficult one for as I just could not imagine the situation (there was no reference point)

What advice would you like to give newcomers?

Before taking up the profession, you must ask yourself whether you love acting and understand if you are meant to be an actor. One must get the joy process and not be in it just for the fame or money. If fame comes, well and good but that can’t be the main objective.

You have been a part of international projects. Are there any differences between the international film fraternity and its Indian counterpart?

Talent wise there is no difference. However, at times, there might be a difference in the attitude as we tend to give up quickly. In some cases, there is a chalta hai attitude.

Published 06 August 2020, 05:59 IST

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