Noted theatre artist Master Hirannaiah passes away

Noted theatre artist Master Hirannaiah passes away

Senior cine actor and noted theatre personality Master Hirannaiah passed away on Thursday.  He was 85.

Hirannaiah breathed his last in BGS hospital,  Bengaluru after suffering from a liver ailment.  He is survived by his wife and five children.  The mortal remains will be kept for public viewing from 11:30 at his residence in Banashankari and the last rites will be held at 6:00 pm.

He was born February 13, 1934 in Mysuru. His father Hirannaiah was also a well-known theatre personality. Though he was named as Narasimha Murthy by his parents, the senior actor chose to be identified along with his father name and adapted theatre name as Master Hirannanaih.

Hirannaiah is known for mocking senior political fraternities, which also includes national leaders in his plays. His famous plays include Lanchavatara, Sadaarame,  Paschathapa, Makmal Topi, Hasydalli Ulta Palta, Brashtachara Anachara, Entaani Ticket and others through his K Hirannaiah Mitra Mandali. He has also stagged his plays in overseas. Hirannaiah's well-known play Lanchavatara has a record if being stagged for more than 11,000 shows. He was known to mock political corruption, where even the politicians use to enjoy by sitting in the front row.

Hirannaiah's plays came out as audio cassettes too and sold widely all over Karnataka. They created a record in terms of sales as well as competing with film song and soundtrack cassettes in the early and late 1980s. He acted in several Kannada films like Sampradaya and No 77 Shanthi Nivasa, directed by actor Sudeep.

He has also acted in few Kannada films such as Operation Antha, #73 Shanti Nivas,  Care of Footpath and others.