Ours is the music of goddess Kali: Metallica

Ours is the music of goddess Kali: Metallica

Members of American heavy metal band Metallica during a press conference in Gurgaon on Friday. PTI PhotoFormed in 1981, the Grammy-winning band - comprising lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead vocalist James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo - said that their music is much different from other rock bands.

"Our music is very different. It is the music of Kali," Hammett said at a press conference here yesterday before their concert was cancelled.

The band is presently in the country for F1 Rocks India concerts first in the NCR and another in Bangalore, and they said that they would love to go around the country.

"I want to have a really nice curry in Goa. I would love to go around the country after the concert. We are constantly influenced by the countries we go to. India too influences our music," said Hammett.

Another member Hetfield thanked fans for listening to their music and being inspired by it.

"We do know that we have a strong fan base in India. I thank the bands that have been playing our music when we could not come here. All I can say is that they should go on playing and making music. Even we were inspired by other bands when we started out.

That's how one learns. That's how we got here."

The American band, formed in 1981, has been enthralling audience for the last 30 years but drumer Ulrich said that they always felt like outsiders in the music world.

"We always felt like outsiders. Even when we started, we had no clue what we were doing. Whatever happened to us is surreal. We just want to make music," Ulrich said.

"We do whatever we love to do. We know how difficult it is but at the end of the day we are glad to do what we are doing till today. When we see where we have reached today, we feel really good about ourselves," Hetfield added.

The band is known as one of the Big Four of thrash metal - along with Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth - and Hetfield said a Big Four concert may be possible in India as well.

"Big Four happened because we wanted to celebrate. We did have two great summers with Big Four. But it is very difficult to plan as everyone has their own stuff going on. But anything is possible," he said.

Former lead guitarist of Metallica David Scott Mustaine left the band and went on to found the band Megadeth. But Hetfield says they are glad Dave left the band as he would not have made so far anyways.

"We don't look back. We only believe in looking forward. I am glad that Dave (Mustain) left. He wouldn't have made it so far anyways. He left the band for good. He has always done whatever he wanted, so there is nothing much we can do about it. Still we have no hard feelings for him. He is a great musician," Hetfield said.

After Lou Reed performed with Metallica at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York in 2009, they all knew they wanted to make more music together. Their latest album Lulu has earned negative response for its controversial posters and bad reviews but the band is not worried.

"The album is very special to us. It is not for everybody. We don't expect everybody to like it. We are fine with the way few people react to our work," Robert Trujillo said.

"People usually focus on what the album is not, than what it is all about. We have got used to it," Hammett added.
The band will perform in San Francisco in December to celebrate their 30 years of togetherness.

"We are having a concert at San Francisco on the second week of December. It will be a perfect way to end our 30 years of being together," Hetfield said.

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