Pakistan's moral brigade guns for Veena again

Pakistan's moral brigade guns for Veena again

Malik, who faced flak for featuring on popular Indian reality show "Bigg Boss 4" earlier this year, has now signed a contract to marry on another Indian reality show, "Swayamvar 4".

"If she (Malik) wants to make a mockery of herself, she can. We could use some comic relief in this day and age. But she is sending a message to viewers when she plays wheel-of-husband on a reality game show like Swayamvar – cheapening the institution of marriage. It dwindles a sacred relationship to a thirst for glamour, riches, and the spotlight," wrote Alina D on The Express Tribune newspaper's blog.

"Set to be the first non-Hindu, Pakistani would-be bride on the Indian reality show 'Swayamvar' next year, eager suitors will vie for the attention and affections of her coveted heart," Alina wrote.

According to Alina, even if Malik walks away from the show without finding a suitor, she would rake in Rs 52 million. And if she decides to marry one of the lucky men destined to be "Mister Veena Malik", she will earn another Rs 25.5 million.

However, Alina is willing to forgive Malik if she would "donate her earnings from the show to micro-finance projects for the impoverished, or invest in rehabilitation efforts for the flood-stricken areas in Sindh or the Punjab".

"With that much money, she could probably rid Punjab of dengue fever or educate 5,000 of the country's most needy illiterate," she added.

Fortunately for Malik, most of the comments on the blog, so far, are in her favour.
"I don't think Veena is cheapening the institution of marriage in any manner. She is participating in Swayamvar, which is followed by Rajput women of higher class...These women want to be sure that they are marrying only the best and genuine persons, rather than getting stuck for the rest of their lives helplessly," read a comment by an Indian reader.

Many Pakistanis too batted for Malik. "Looks like Veena is a brave woman. At least she has the ability to stand up for what she believes in," wrote Sajid. Some others told Alina not to be "jealous" of Malik.