Star Wars: May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars: May the Fourth be with you

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When George Lucas created 'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope' in 1977, he created a universal and multi-generational fandom. May 4 is a day for all Jedi and Skywalkers to celebrate the iconic franchise. 

'Star Wars Day' initially started off as unofficial celebrations among avid fans of the movies as a play on the quote 'May the Force be with you'. 

Once officially recognised by Disney and Lucasfilm, fans across the globe celebrated the momentous day by attending trivia competitions, cosplay events and 'Star Wars'-themed parties. 

Today, millions of fans come together to celebrate 'Star Wars Day' by watching marathons of the franchise, dressing up as their favourite characters and sharing their love on social media. 

'Star Wars' has gone beyond reality in literal ways. Creating a galaxy far far away, the movies created a world where anything was possible. 

Planes became spaceships, states and countries became planets. It's a galaxy filled with creatures who are simply trying to fight the good fight.

"'Star Wars' is not just a movie franchise. It's something that is way beyond that. It taught us values that we hold close to our hearts - love, friendship, loyalty and leadership. 'Star Wars' has held two or more generations together and it will continue to do so. 'Star Wars', in a way, helps us  connect with people on a higher level." 

- Aamina Shabeer, a student of Christ University

'Star Wars' also broke away from convention and gave birth to characters who transcended the binaries of good and bad. It also gave life to a strong female character in Princess Leia, who held her own and made her mark in a franchise dominated by male characters. 

"My favourite characters are Darth Vader and Princess Leia. Darth Vader has a contradictive character - he's neither here nor there. The main question that comes to mind is, what lengths would you go to protect your family? And that's what Anakin Skywalker did. He literally gave himself up to the dark side to save Padme. Though it didn't serve him well in the end, his character will always be fascinating to me. Princess Leia embodies every aspect of a strong woman. Women protagonists were seen as seductive and frivolous during the 70s but Leia broke the stereotypes and glass ceilings and redefined what it meant to be a woman and a warrior," opines Aamina.

'Star Wars' as a franchise is multi-generational and has multiple genres. It showcases the classic motif of the struggle between good and evil, it is a blend of fantasy and adventure and combines fictional and visual storytelling. 

"'Star Wars' surprised the audience with an immersive universe and a visual storytelling style when it came out. It resonated with people as it merged science and fiction with a blend of action and humour that appealed to everyone. I think this is what makes the franchise one of the most popular ones!' says, Srishiti Muralidharan, a BA student from Christ University.
The 'Star Wars' franchise is full of moments that are iconic; right from the score by the legendary John Williams to the portrayal of characters and the dialogues. 

"I love all the scenes that include Luke Skywalker and Rey. However, the one moment I will always remember is the one where (spoilers ahead) Han Solo dies," says Ramitha from Mount Carmel College.

Fans celebrate 'Stars Wars Day' merely weeks before the much-anticipated release of the new Han Solo movie 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.  

Many fans have expressed disappointment over the news that Harrison Ford will no longer be playing the part of Han Solo but are nonetheless excited.

"Harrison Ford has done justice to the character thoroughly. I don't think anyone else could have portrayed Han's emotions like him. He fit the role perfectly and had that 'let's go on an adventure' vibe." states, Arjun K who is studying at NITTE Meenakshi.

"I want to binge watch the original and prequel trilogies and 'Rogue One' in between as they form a proper and continuous storyline. Independent of each other, the original and the prequel trilogy, they fit in like perfect puzzle pieces. I hope the sequel trilogy can meet the same benchmark," says Mayank Ashok, working at JP Morgan, on being asked how he wants to spend the special day.