‘The Call’ movie review: An engaging thriller

‘The Call’ movie review: An engaging thriller

'The Call' makes for a good watch.

The poster of 'The Call'. Credit: IMDb

Cast: Park Shin-hye, Kim Sung-ryung, Jeon Jong-seo

Director: Lee Chung-hyuna

Rating: 3.5/5

The Korean movie The Call, which released on Netflix a few days ago, is an engaging thriller that makes a solid impact. It revolves around what happens when the lives of two women from different timelines get intertwined under extraordinary circumstances. The basic storyline packs a punch despite being a bit complex. It has an emotional core, which helps it strike a chord.

The storyline reaches its full potential due to the effective screenplay. The film begins on a slow yet intense note, establishing the universe of The Call.  The movie soon shifts gears with the spooky/eerie elements, taking the centre stage. The conversations between the main characters feature quite a few chilling moments, which leave viewers asking for more. The scenes involving the protagonist and her father are touching and add a new dimension to the reel action.

The strong emotional core of The Call makes it easy for the viewer to suspend his or her disbelief, which is the key to enjoying a movie with supernatural elements. A few sequences here and there are not as compelling as expected. This, however, is a minor issue in the larger scheme of things. The final stretch of The Call has been executed rather well, offering plenty of thrills. The twist towards the end, however, could have been avoided as it is a bit predictable.

Park Shin-hye is the heart and soul of The Call and hits the right notes with her effective performance. She channels the vulnerabilities of her character quite well. Jeon Jong-seo too makes an impact, upping her game when needed.

Kim Sung-ryung and Lee El do justice to their roles despite getting limited screen time. Park Ho-san is underutilised.

The film features a few gruesome sequences but most of them gel with the narrative. The production values are top-notch while cinematography is up to the mark. Editing too appears to be above-average.




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