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Pune-based DJ and producer Ritviz became an overnight success with his 2017 song 'Udd Gaye'
Last Updated 31 January 2020, 11:44 IST

After years of training in Hindustani classical, when Ritviz Srivastava decided that he wanted to experiment with techno and hip hop, his parents, unlike what usually happens, encouraged their son to follow his dreams. The flagbearer of the popular ‘desi electronica’ genre has won laurels few his age have managed.

Sold out shows, global tours, multiple albums — the Pune-based DJ and producer has had a dream run. He recently announced his maiden music festival ‘YUV Fest’, in collaboration with Bacardi. The festival will be bring together with real world comedy and music performances.

Showtime learns more about the man behind all this.

You have had formal training in classical music but you are now experimenting with a completely different genre. Do you ever revisit classical music though?
My mother is an Indian classical singer and my dad plays the tabla. Till date, music played at home is along these lines. Sometimes I even join my mom during her ‘riyaaz’. So when I am there, I am always surrounded by this music.

Any particular artistes that you listen to? Who are your musical influences?
There are many artistes that I like and listen to, including Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. If we talk about musical influences generally, my mother, Anvita Bharti, is right there on top.

What changed after the success of ‘Udd Gaye’?
The overwhelming response to the song and the sudden, increased attention I started receiving just put me in a different sphere, which was quite overwhelming for me. Things became very intense almost overnight and I wasn’t prepared for it. Before the song came out (in December 2017), I was doing around one show a month. After ‘Udd Gaye’ came out, I was suddenly doing two shows a week and touring all over the country. But I now I have figured out how to adjust to certain things and situations.

The videos of your songs are very colourful and appealing. How do you decide on the themes?
My songs are based on what I might be going through in life. I might be very driven to make or say something but the visuals have added a new identity to my songs and for that, I am really grateful for the kind of people that we work with on the visual front. Our core idea is to do something very unconventional.

What does a normal day in your life look like?
It’s very boring (laughs). I usually work on music or watch movies — I am crazy about psychological thrillers. I also like to write stuff and I also paint. Fun fact — I have written a novel.

Was it published?
It wasn’t. I sent it over to some people and they rejected it (chuckles). But it’s still there with me.

(Published 31 January 2020, 11:44 IST)

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