Top 10 movies of veteran Kannada actor Chandrashekhar

Last Updated 27 January 2018, 10:55 IST

Veteran Kannada actor Chandrashekhar, also known as Chandru and Edakallu Chandrashekhar passed away on Saturday morning in Canada. Started his career as a child actor, Chandrashekhar acted in more than 40 movies.

Here we are presenting top 10 films of Edakallu Chandrashekhar.

1. Edakallu Guddad Mele (1973)
Director: S R Puttanna Kanagal

This film made him to rose to fame. His style in the movie became a synonym to Chandru. He added 'Edakallu' as his first name after the success of this movie.

2. Hamsageethe (1975)
Director: G. V. Iyer

This film was based on the novel with the same name written by  T. R. Subba Rao (Ta Ra Su) and earned two national awards.

3. Sampathige Savaal (1974)
Director: A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

Chandrashekhar appeared in this film as a cameo.

4. Sose Thanda Sowbhagya (1977)
Director: A. V. Sheshagiri Rao

This is the first Kannada CinemaScope.

5. Shankar Guru (1978)
Director: V. Somashekar

This film was a huge success and run one-year in theatres and considered as one of the greatest films in the 1970s.

6. Parivarthane (1976) 
Director: Dr V M Chitagopi

7. Raja Nanna Raja (1976)
Director: A. V. Sheshgiri Rao

This movie is based on the theme of reincarnation.

8. Besuge (1976)
Director:  Geethapriya

Based on a novel of the same name by Ashwini.

9. Samskara (1970)
Director: Pattabhirama Reddy

Based on the celebrated novel Samskara written by U R Ananthamurthy.

10. Vamsha Vriksha (1972) 
Director: B. V. Karanth & Girish Karnad

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