Uddishya just doesn't work out

Uddishya just doesn't work out


Kannada (A)

Film: Uddishya

Rating: Two stars

Director: HeMan, Archana Gaikwad

Cast: HeMan, Archana Gaikwad

The opening scene from the film: A COD officer investigating a series of mysterious deaths of animals in the Mysore zoo shoots at a snake assuming it might attack a lady inspector probing the death of animals.

The whole event seems so bizarre! Alerting the inspector could have done the job. This bewilderment sets the tone for this horror-themed film Uddishya.

HeMan (Hemanth Krishnappa) has directed the film, co-written the script and acted in the role of COD officer as well.

The mysterious death of animals in the zoo is followed by the death of a boy who jumps off from a water tank and the simultaneous death of mother and daughter in another locations.

COD officer Aditya (HeMan), while analysing CCTV footage of the zoo, spots a mysterious symbol which matches with a tattoo on Inspector Anuradha (Archana Gaikwad).

This leads us to the story of an occult practician called Christopher (Vijay Kaumdinya), who captures young girls, rapes them in captivity to have children for a sacrifice in anticipation of achieving immortality makes rest of the film. Is Anuradha's life also in threat? Can she come out of this mess?

Though logic is not something to be expected out of a horror film, good storytelling, good narration and good acting to portray a fear of unknown are necessary ingredients. But Uddishya lacks any of these.

The COD officer's role is out of place in the narration and his investigation seems very childish. Occult practice looks familiarly ordinary and the climax is dragged and predictable and cliched. 

HeMan and Archana Gaikwad are not very convincing in their roles. Sound design is too loud. The filmmakers perhaps lack the knowledge of the chilling effects of silence. Even cinematography doesn't add any extra value to the film. HeMan, trying to don many hats, has failed to churn out something good.

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