Venkatesh in family man mode to Jeethu Joseph's Telugu debut: 4 reasons to watch 'Drushyam 2'

The film is slated to premiere digitally on November 25
Last Updated 22 November 2021, 11:31 IST

Actor Venkatesh's upcoming movie Drushyam 2, a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam 2, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 25 much to the delight of 'Venky' fans. The film has garnered attention with its effective trailer and has the potential to be a gamechanger for all concerned. Here are four reasons it may make for a captivating watch.

Impressive source material

Drishyam 2, starring Mollywood legend Mohanlal, received rave reviews for his thrilling yet emotional narrative. The family elements blended with twists and turns to offer fans a wholesome experience. Judging by the trailer, Drushyam 2 is a faithful remake that will retain the original's essence. It remains to be seen whether it lives up to the standards set by Mohanlal's version.

Venkatesh in his comfort zone

Venkatesh is widely regarded as the default choice for family movies. The star, who has previously excelled in films such as Anari and Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, added a new dimension to his career with Drushyam. His character Rambabu, a caring family man, clicked with his audience as he came across as an extension of his real personality. Venkatesh recently told DH that that character is a lot more alert this time around. Fans are excited to see the next chapter in his life.

Bankable pair

Meena, who reprises her role from Drushyam and Drishyam 2, is one of the finest performers in the Telugu film industry. Venky and the Muthu actor make a great pair on the big screen. They previously collaborated for films such as Suryavamsam and Chanti, impressing fans with their chemistry, Their realistic exchanges in Drushyam 2 are likely to cater to cinephiles.

Jeethu's Telugu debut

Director Jeethu Joseph is widely regarded as one of the finest storytellers in the Malayalam film industry. The storyteller specialises in thrillers that feature grey/layered characters. His film Memories, which revolved around the life of a police officer with a tragic past, is a case in point. Jeethu, who directed Drishyam 2, is set to enter the Telugu film industry with Drushyam 2. The film's in safe hands given the fact that the franchise is his brainchild.

(Published 22 November 2021, 11:15 IST)

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