Eviction drive brings minister, MLA face to face

Eviction drive brings minister, MLA face to face

The demolition of some portions of the buildings for alleged violation of norms on B M Road in the city recently led to a war of words between MLA Preetham Gowda and District In-charge Minister H D Revanna.

Revanna is the MLA of the neighbouring constituency of Holenarsipur. Besides, portions of a few buildings of his sons were also demolished in the drive. The leaders had an exchange of heated words on the dais during the celebration of the 70th Republic Day here on Saturday.

Preetham Gowda said, “The officials did not give me any information on either eviction or demolition of the buildings on B M Road. I will move a privilege motion against City Municipal Council (CMC) Commissioner Paramesh, who took up the drive in my

Revanna asked, “Do you know what is privilege motion? First study about the privileges. You move the motion. I know how to defend the commissioner”.

Later, addressing a media conference, Revanna said there was no heated exchange of words. “I told Preetham that I too did not have information about the evicting drive. I explained to Preetham that it is not possible to move a privilege motion in such issues,” he

Preetham Gowda said the councillors of the CMC are yet to take charge, even though the election was held on August 31. “So, there is no elected body in the CMC. I am the MLA concerned with the city. The CMC commissioner has not kept me in the loop, during the eviction drive. I have warned the commissioner in this connection. I have brought the issue to the notice of the minister. I will discuss with legal experts, regarding moving a privilege motion against the official,” he said.