Playing rich gangster was fun for Vasishta

DH Exclusive: Vasishta vs Yash in blockbuster 'KGF'

The work of actor Vasishta N Simha stands testimony to the powerhouse of talent that he is. His character of the rich-spoilt brat in the just-released KGF has been noticed for its powerful characterisation. In an interview to Metrolife, Vasishta says it didn't take him too long to get under the skin of the character and details the making of the movie and how his role shaped up.

Is there an impact of KGF the movie on Kannada film industry?  

It is the pride of the Kannada film industry. This is the first time that a film has been received on such a large scale. In the beginning, when they narrated my character and when I heard the script, I knew that it would be a big film.

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What made you accept the offer?

I always wanted to work with Prashanth Neel and work with Yash again after 'Raja Huli.' Yash's dedication to his work and conviction made me accept this project. I play a gangster and I also lead a bunch of men who think they own KGF. Yash's character steps in. I am an extremely wealthy guy who thinks he can buy anything and Yash comes in with the belief that he can conquer anything. That is where the clash begins. The film brings back the yesteryear glory of KGF.

Many reviewers are saying they can relate to the emotions. What do you have to say to that?

More than 50 actors are newcomers but they have been personally trained and groomed by director Prashanth Neel. He has looked into the smallest of details of every single character. Each character is important. Even if they appear on screen only for five minutes, their impact is felt. This is why the emotions appear real.

Kolar Gold Fields has assumed prominence after this release. What do you think? 

The film is a fictional piece of work and has nothing to do with the events that took place in Kolar Gold Fields. The visuals are great because of the real places that appear in the backdrop. What the film brings back is the yesteryear glory of KGF. I have had so many people telling me that KGF (read film) is a goldmine. 

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Is KGF going to change a lot of things for you?

I have always been getting offers but I take up only those projects I want to work on. KGF is a game-changer for the Kannada film industry and not for me. I am secondary. But it's always a joy to be a part of successful movies.

Here are a few stills from KGF the movie

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