Farmers hit by wild boar menace

Farmers hit by wild boar menace

Wild boars damaged the standing paddy at Yavakapady.

The farmers in Napoklu area are plagued by the wild boar menace which has resulted in the destruction of the standing crops. 

A few farmers have harvested the paddy before it is ready. The farmers are worried over how to tackle the menace. 

A few farmers in Bethu have stopped cultivating paddy fearing the wild boar menace. The farmers are incurring losses following the wild boars damaging the crops. 

Farmer Keekanda Poonaccha said, “I cultivated paddy late due to rain and flood. Now, I will not be able to reap the full harvest as the wild boars have already damaged half of the crop. All the measures initiated to check the menace has not been successful. I have to be satisfied with the available paddy harvest.” 

Farmers in Bethu said wild boars have also damaged pepper vines.

“It is better to stop farming rather than incurring losses,” said farmer Ponnanna. 

“I had cultivated paddy for our household needs. Now, paddy has been destroyed by wild animals. I do not even get any compensation for the loss,” he added.

The paddy cultivated at Yavakapady and Marandoda villages too has been damaged by wild boars. The farmers have urged the state government to pay a suitable compensation for the loss of crops.