Are books better than television?

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Last Updated : 14 June 2024, 19:42 IST

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I completely agree that books are better than television, because books provide valuable knowledge which one may need in the future.
I believe that many people would agree with me, especially youngsters. Some may argue that not all books, like storybooks, provide knowledge. But I do not think that way. In my opinion, if a book provides a piece of information that you weren’t aware of, it helps boosts your general knowledge and helps you develop your thinking.

Personally, I find joy in reading more than anything else. Storybooks are my favourite as they possess the power to transport you to different worlds. Just give them a try.

Many people find history boring. It actually isn’t. Not when you get to live in the shoes of historical figures. It’s a lovely experience. Such books help mould one’s character, teaching important morals and values.

Legendary authors like Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murty, Enid Blyton, R K Narayan, and Shakespeare have truly taught me important life lessons and helped me transform into a better citizen.

Vignesh S, 13
Bengaluru, Karnataka


Television is one of the most popular devices. It is used to share information all over the world. It is the most common form of technology used today, for multiple purposes. Having a television at home not only provides entertainment to the members of the family, but also becomes a source of information.

It’s a medium that is easily accessible. Due to this, TV channels have viewership running into millions. Many believe that televisions are merely a distraction for children. But I don’t believe that is true. Television provides knowledge about various topics like news and sports. I thoroughly enjoy watching television with my friends and family. It brings us all together. Together we get to learn so many things — from cooking to current affairs. It also helps you learn multiple languages. I’m sure the same applies to many other people. It’s my favourite way to relax on the weekends. 

Plus, television can also be used by visually challenged and speech impaired individuals. Overall, it is a more entertaining medium and that is why I prefer television over books.

Chandana, 14
Doddaballapura, Karnataka

Published 14 June 2024, 19:42 IST

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